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Jack Eason


Twenty-five years of experience in management, fundraising, and supporting ministries is what you get when you meet Jack Eason.

A leader in building teams, and achieving goals, Jack leads The Heart Share Group with the purpose of helping organizations meet their full potential. Sweet tea and growing the vision are his passions that keep him going. Jack has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for all kinds of non-profits around the world. And he does it from both sides of the table, understanding the business side and the ministry side.

As a business owner, Jack knows the disciplines necessary to be fruitful and effective. And as the executive director of his own non-profit, he understands the importance of communicating with partners and helping them see the big picture.

Jack oversees a strategic team of people that help serve non-profit organizations around the country.



James Way is our Creative Director for The Heart Share Group. All things audio, video, graphics, web, technical…that’s his gift.

He is an asset to our team.