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Thanks for thinking out of the box to reach churches and pastors in your area.
This will be a great event honoring ministry leaders in your area AND
Connecting them to Your Center.
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How does the HONOR EVENT work?

The Heart Share Group, LLC is excited about the opportunity to partner with you on bringing The HONOR Event to your city/cities. HONOR has been used by God to strengthen relationships between local Pregnancy centers and the local Church — for that we are humbled and thankful.

The details below help outline how a successful, efficient, and smooth flowing event will happen for all parties involved


We have had a great time of ministry over the last eight years doing these events.

In addition to a delicious meal, exceptional networking, "life-giving" fellowship (so we've heard), an encouraging and challenging message presented to those in attendance, we will also have a headlining musician/artist/speaker, etc. We are in the process of finalizing who our special guest will be for the 2018 Fall series of HONOR Events.

As always, we are also very excited to be able to bless all of our HONOR Event guests with an attendee resource bag and several opportunities to receive additional resources throughout the Event. 

Your part in helping to make this event successful is simply the promotional part. Make this event your own. Our team will play a "behind-the scenes" role. We will be on hand to be a liaison between the HONOR Team: running sound, helping with set up, etc. but promote this event as a gift you are providing from your station to area pastors and ministry leaders.


We will cooperate together with you on registration online through the HONOR site portal and give you weekly updates on numbers through email so you can know how to push as we get closer to the event. Web links (graphics provided by us), Facebook posts, tweets, etc. should all be used to drive ministry leaders to register. 


We need you to make this a major promotional event on your calendar. Our team has raised the money and will have resources to bless up to 100 ministry leaders in each city. We want every resource that has been provided to be given away. So, we want to fill every slot. To do that, get creative. Utilize Facebook, Twitter, email blasts, YouTube/GodTube/Vimeo, church flyers, etc. to get the word out. We will provide you digital media that you can use to promote the event.

We need you to use the graphics we provide as well. We require this as a means to present a consistent brand and "customer" experience for our HONOR Event guests. If you provide us with accurate dimensions (size and or pixels) for your website and other promotional channels (social media, online streamer, app, email blasts, etc.) we are glad to produce the digital assets that you what you need to properly promote HONOR Event.

In coordinating the resources needed to produce these events with excellence, we need to maintain consistent branding. We will produce a to air on your local station. You can also air your own spots/promos ALONG WITH the one we provide. In addition, we are happy to line up interviews for you any of the HONOR Team and/or the Special Guest.


For our HONOR Event guests to have the best possible experience and to feel appreciated and loved by you and your team, we ask that we provide them with a simple, catered meal (no-frills is best). We usually can help line up someone who will donate meals for this event. We have worked with everyone from local restaurants to national chains to partner with us.


You  will be responsible for providing hotel rooms for the HONOR Team & Artist (2 rooms max) for at least one night in your city. Many s trade these out with an area hotel that they frequently use.


We will provide tons of resources to go in the bags that we will be giving out at the close of the event. Also, any other community partner that will give you giveaways can be a great touch to add. (We can provide you with example copy if you need assistance with this.)


HONOR Event is FREE for the Pastors and Ministry Leaders that attend. We ask that your center provide a $2000 honorarium to help offset the expenses our team will incur (shipping materials & postage, honoraria and travel for talent, travel for our team, additional supplies, and incidentals, etc.).


HONOR Event is a large undertaking on a national scale. It takes lots of people doing many different things to produce a successful HONOR season. One of the critical pieces to the puzzle is our Ministry Partners that underwrite the cost of HONOR Event. One of the benefits that they receive is the opportunity to exhibit at HONOR. We work closely with them to insure that there presentation (materials, speech, attitude, etc.) is not overly commercial. We want to protect your interest, the Hosts interests, and the integrity and legacy of HONOR Event. We will coordinate Ministry Partner tables in a similar fashion to the description of Merch Tables below.


We would like for your center to have a table with resources from your center: whatever you can have available would be great. We can discuss this further to firm up specific details. In addition, as we get closer to the event, we will send you a sample agenda and have you help tweak it for the event. Your staff will emcee and "make the event your own." Have your staff interact and love on these pastors and ministry leaders. We would like as many of your staff involved as possible in the welcome, opening and closing prayers, introduction of guests, and giveaways, greeting, helping direct parking if necessary, etc. Refilling their drinks and taking their finished plates, etc. is a simple way of showing them love and appreciation.


Thank you for your partnership in refreshing and equipping pastors and ministry leaders in your city. You are investing in the Kingdom! 

Let's get started!