Jack Eason, Speaker

Raise lots of cash at your banquet!

Are you ready to raise lots of cash at your banquet? Are you tired of getting a speaker that's a "prima donna?" Did your last speaker show up just in time to speak? Jack Eason connects with you PRIOR to your banquet to help you think through how to raise the most cash. He also comes in early the day of your banquet to serve with your team. And he always knocks it out of the park in the delivery and appeal that evening. What are you waiting for?

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Ministry Health Check HeartShare Group

Ministry Health Check

The Heart Share team desires to provide affordable teaching and training to your team (staff, board, volunteers). We do that by offering your center a Ministry Health Check. We come to your organization and give an analysis of the 10 things that can take your organization to the next level. 

One of the great things that can happen when you allow an outside set of eyes to check out the health of your organization is a brand new awareness of what can take you to the next level. You gain a new perspective through our on-site analysis of how to overcome the challenges your non-profit faces in 10 Key Areas. Additionally, you walk away with not just another “to-do” list, but strategic methods of how to move forward in each area. Finally, our team can walk alongside you over the following weeks or months to help you implement the suggestions that were made.

Fundraising and Donor Development

Fundraising & Donor Development

There is an art and a science to fundraising. Coming alongside organizations and assisting them with proven fundraising strategies that get results is one of our team’s core areas of focus. Our creativity and over thirty years of combined fundraising experience, coupled with your dedication and hard work will result in a successful fundraising campaign. 

Donor Development is the process of stewarding one-time and monthly supporters into longterm and hopefully large-gift partners. Effective Donor Development programs cultivate deep, meaningful relationships with your donors. We help our clients shift their organization’s culture from seeing donors as ATM machines to seeing them as friends and partners of the organization. Additionally, Jack Eason serves as a banquet speaker for many of our non-profits.

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